Dear Fans:

I must regretfully announce the complete abandonment of the project Save Our Architect. I do not think I will be able to work on it anymore due to certain circumstances. It was an extremely difficult decision, but I believe this is for the best. Thank you for everyone’s support.

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Last time, I talked about a Binding, life events, and unforeseen circumstances. Just so you know– said Binding is gone from my life. Completely 100000% gone from my life and will remain so (Really overdid it with the 0’s but it sure serves my point!). Not just it but others as well. Thank you God! Due to several events in my life, I have undergone much change as an individual and still am changing quite a lot. All the changes have been positive, but it is taking some time to get to know myself again. Therefore, I ask for patience from all of you out there.

I am also here to report that the release of the Book II has been postponed to 2017. While it has come along well considering everything that has happened, I would rather not rush everything. The last chapters remain unwritten (although the storyboard has been done for ages). I hope to resume progress soon.

Have a Happy Holidays!

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Bringing in the New Year Updates…

To those who have continued to support this series, thank you!

Right now, the website is in a middle of maintenance, but no fear. It is quite safe surfing here. Somehow, someone tried destroying this website and making it into their wholesale supply store (at least– that is what I THINK they were trying to do. Everything was all over the place and boy were they aggressive!). It took an uber long time for me to fix everything, but here I am again. That is in part why it took until now for me to contact any of you here. I apologize.

When I returned from the internship, this website was a mess. I couldn’t even access it through main site or the FTP! Unforeseeable (and very stressful) life events occurred. I also started battling a very big and rotten Binding–a very personal fear in my life.

What about Save Our Architect’s Book II? What about Save Our Architect?

I don’t plan to abandon the series. In fact, I am working as diligently as possible on Book 2 despite events. I am pushing hard to finish and release Book 2 in 2016. It has been at least 4 years since the digital release of Our Architect, so it’s about time Book 2 emerged!!

When it does emerge, Our Architect‘s digital release will also be updated with a new cover hopefully. Recently, a fan reported that the Apple Kindle app version of Our Architect has a strange quirk now. The hard breaks for no apparent reason will disappear. I tried reading it through Kindle for PC, a reader, and through the Kindle app from the Windows store but found no problems; however, I did look at it using an iPod and did see the problem. I will look into it the best I can. It has me pretty baffled. If you are experiencing this problem, please do tell so I can troubleshoot and fix it!

I hope to revamp the website too, but finishing Book 2 is the priority for the series this year. Therefore…

Will you attend any conventions?

None has been planned yet. I will look into it when my schedule starts to permit it.

Hopefully the next time I update, I will bear even greater and more awesome news. Till next time!

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