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Welcome to SankaiAbout Sankai: The city of Sankai is divided into four districts known as courts. S Court is the richest district where it features the latest and special trends and technology. In contrast, C Court also keeps up with its trends and technology but tend to showcase older or more common trends and traditions from the past. P Court and A Court are the poorest districts with several crime hotspots. While P Court has some semblance of order and subsistence, A Court looks trashed and abandoned by the city.

What does this have to do with the site navigation?
Each section is themed with a certain location in the world of Our Architect (in this case Sankai) in mind. For example, the blog resembles Sankai’s central media and broadcasting system. The interactive section is designed to look like the hi-tech screens in the underground gaming place, Arcadia, which resides in P Court. Overall, this design is so visitors, like you, will have an immersive experience of the world our characters live in.

Save Our Architect- Handy Lee Official Author Website screenshots

Save Our Architect- Handy Lee Official Author Website 2012 screenshots

The horizontal navigation bar as you can see above only features the main sections plus the most popular pages and/or posts in that section. Do click on the main sections because they feature more content than displayed on the bar.

How do I find stuff on this website? (2012-11-10)

For information, click on the title of the books for them. For example, click on Our Architect. Information may contain character information, world information, extras, etc.

For interactivity or multimedia, click on Multimedia. This section features polls, crafts, concept art, and fun stuff for visitors like you to browse through and enjoy at your leisure.

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Welcome to the official author website of Handy Lee. Thank you for visiting.