Character Guide

These are the major characters that Our Architect revolves around. It contains no major spoilers.

2013 Winter- Kei

Kei – (kay or kay-ee): means “blessing” or “punishment” but also a play on the word “key.” A strong and impulsive character, Kei lives in an abandoned warehouse. She has a secret. Unlike everyone else, she sees that the city is built off of well-constructed “lies” and unknowingly proceeds to unearth the city’s darkest conspiracy as she flees the Construct with Winter.

2013- Winter with baton

Winter: Due to him fighting an illness that persists even in that crumbling world, Winter has remained in the Construct for several years and therefore acquired an uncanny amount of knowledge. Stubborn and overconfident, Winter appears more concerned about the Construct’s instability than his own deteriorating condition.

2014 Winter- Faylan

Dr. D. Faylan – (fey-lan): As successor of their family’s research on sustainable energy, he proudly bears the Faylan family’s name and legacy. Faylan is a friend of Winter. He has a younger sibling named Faylan Sakari who was released from recent criminal charges. His sibling’s whereabouts are currently unknown. His first name means “winter horse.”


Keiryuki– (care-yu-kee): means “snow mountain.” He acts as Winter’s powerful guardian and carries a magical bangle with him. Though he wishes to find the reasons behind Winter’s frail condition, Keiryuki appears to have a higher priority that involves the rumored reappearance of his mentor, who he idolizes. He likes gardening.

2014 Winter- Lightning

Lightning: name based off his personality and the yo-yo he carries. He is Kei’s spunky mentor that adores a certain sugary dessert. Lightning apparently holds a deep grudge against Keiryuki. He stays in the Construct in search for the child that gave him his prized possession.

2013- Night

Night: Known as dangerously beautiful and maybe even manipulative, Night is the current and rather competent leader of all the Legends that oversee the Construct. She despises the Architect and proceeds to find every possible way to annihilate it.