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What does Our Architect have to offer you?

“Don’t give up on yourself. Believe and achieve.”

Our Architect is about dealing with tough issues like being different, having trouble with identity, and recovering from trauma. It is about those times in Life you need to walk six steps forward, but Life forces you to take twice the amount of steps back.

I am by no means a psychiatrist or claim to be, so I cannot give professional advice. However at university, I confronted a series of disasters and situations one after the other all within a short, very short time frame. Several sensitive issues appeared… things like dealing with a weak body, realizing someone you like might be or is actually gone from this world, failing consecutively in things you put your heart and soul in, and putting yourself back together again and again and only to fail again and again.

In that time frame, I “fell” in so many directions and in so many embarrassing and painful ways that I almost didn’t get back up again. I almost didn’t survive. But I did.

Our Architect was born while going through the aftermath of those years. This story actually contains phrases from a “journal” I used to keep when sorting my muddled thoughts during those painful years. Our Architect is by all means a fictional story, but all the characters inside have big flaws and deal with heavy– at times very real and difficult issues. Whether the ways each very colorful character approaches things in Life is right or wrong or selfish is up for the readers to choose and decide. I promise that this isn’t a textbook to lecture you.

This is an action-packed book with science fiction elements and metaphors stuffed inside. Maybe Our Architect will make you get a good laugh or a good cry when you need one. Maybe it will give you just a good read that you will find yourself going back to again. Maybe it will help spark that strength or love you have inside to conquer and achieve anything. Or maybe it will give you a good reason to continue living… continue fighting… and continue achieving the greatest journey– your Life.

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