Our Architect, Book One of Architect Series

Our Architect first-edition e-book cover

Ever fell asleep and find yourself struggling to wake? When this happens to those living in Sankai, they disappear into a different realm in the city called the Construct. Once a place of respite from reality, the Construct is turning into a nasty battlefield to survive. Here, people known as the Fallen fight to return to what we know as Life.

Here in the Construct, Kei— a bitter and angry Fallen— meets a physically frail boy named Winter. Not too long ago, she witnessed a murder scene that involved a boy like him. Now, Kei makes it her responsibility to help Winter achieve Life even though his “packed charges” and sarcastic replies make it clear that he does not want her nearby.

With no social skills or reliable means of defense, will Kei and Winter escape the Construct in time as a dangerous device called the Architect runs rampant?

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