“Architect” Book Two

“Only one of you can exist.”

Kei returns to Life and not in a way anyone expected. Eager for respite after her last ordeal, her relief is short-lived when she realizes the Construct is threatening to merge with the real world and fast. Winter’s magic is broken, and his motor skills has yet to recover fully. Even worse, citizens, Bindings, and Legends alike are bent on making sure neither she or Winter ascend or remain alive.

Will she buy enough time for Winter before both his physical form and precious choices that finally returned to his hands are ripped from him again?

Confirmed cast: Kei, Winter, Lightning, Faylan, Night, The Great

More tidbits about the upcoming excitement:

– It ended up postponed due to upcoming physical release of Our Architect.

– This will directly pick up where Our Architect left off; however, I intend to write it so that the second book will not rely heavily on someone knowing the contents of the first book.

– The bar you see to your right is a lie. I have long passed the halfway mark. I just never bothered to change it.