About Handy Lee

My name is Handy Lee, and I am the creator of Our Architect and the rest of its series. My most treasured item is a fish pendant.

One of my fears is having a racing heart and not being able to breathe. This is because I had a case of food poisoning combined with panic attacks that lasted weeks. Due to both problems, my body habitually started to wake up with the heart hammering every single night. As of now, it is still a mind battle to break the habit, but I refuse to be defeated. If I were in the world of Our Architect, that Binding would look like an itchy and heavy collar strapped so tight that it feels like it is suffocating me.

I wrote Our Architect to encourage others to never give up on yourself.

More Information:

I began writing when I discovered the joy of stringing together sentences on paper as a small child. For the longest time, I wrote mostly poems and short stories. I was the Chief Editor of my high school’s literary magazine.

The first long story I wrote hit over 55k words at its completion in 2006. It took over a whopping ten years to write it. Even now, that book serves as my base, a kindly reminder to show me just how far I have improved since then and how much love was pumped into that story.

Our Architect was the third book I ever wrote to completion in 2011. The Kindle version was first published in February 2012 followed by the NOOK and iBook version in 2013. “My Friend’s Friend” is an illustrated short story which was informally published in December 2013.