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Hardback front and back cover of Our Architect

Hardback front and back cover of Our Architect

A world of second chances crumbling. A girl trapped inside with no weapon or magic to fight. How can she possibly survive?

Kei is stuck in the Construct, a glorified version of her city that serves as a place of respite for the Fallen. Once a place guiding the Fallen to ascend or to live again, the Construct has turned into a battlefield for survival. Inanimate objects that feed on fear known as Bindings are coming to life. A device called the Architect is running rampant, and both are causing the Construct to crumble and the Fallen to perish.

Equipped with no reliable means to fight, Kei has little time to escape, but that does not stop her from helping Winter, who reminds her of someone she witnessed at a crime scene. She makes it her job to help him escape even though his light magic and sarcastic replies make it clear he does not want her nearby. Will they escape or perish? Or will they destroy each other instead?